The music of musician, composer, and writer Jude Gwynaire draws on his many interests and influences to create new and diverse instrumental soundscapes that span the genres of electronica, ambient, new age, folk, and rock.

Taking inspiration from history, folklore, and the natural world, Jude has also written science-fiction and fantasy stories for children and adults.

Slate Bird Studios

As a self-taught musician working from his own studio, Jude pursues his passion for music free from constraint, indulging in an atmosphere of unbridled creativity. 

The studio equipment list is constantly updating through investment and experimentation – however, Jude is always drawn back to his favourite Korg synths and Fender guitars.

“Composing and recording has been an essential part of my life since I was 15. I like to be as versatile as possible… acoustic, rock, dance, ambient, and more… as I explore the cinematic, transcendent, side of music... exploring, creating moods and diverse soundscapes.”


    • Ashton 6 string acoustic guitar
    • Fender electric jazz bass
    • Korg M50 synth workstation
    • Novation Ultranova synthesizer
    • Korg D3200 digital multitracker
    • Zoom HD 16 portastudio
    • Korg R3 synthesizer
    • Akai Miniak synthesizer
    • Korg Triton Extreme synth workstation
    • Korg Micro Sampler
    • AXL Badwater electric guitar
    • Behringer Tube Composer
    • TL Audio ivory valve compressor
    • Zoom Acoustic Creator AC-2
    • Danelectro 12 string electric guitar
    • Luna Gypsy acoustic guitar
    • Fender Squier Classic Vibe
      50s Strat
    • Cort classical guitar
    • AFQ Pro Series Santa Rosa archtop electric guitar
    • Schecter P51 Mustang electric guitar
    • Luna Tattoo acoustic bass
    • Ashton 12 string acoustic guitar
    • Hartwood Novella jazz guitar
    • Epiphone Dove Pro electro acoustic guitar
    • Numerous effects units


Please feel free to contact me if you wish to collaborate on a musical project or need a soundtrack or theme tune.