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Slate Bird Studios


Incorporating Slate Bird Studios and LightShip Music

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Check out this small selection of album tracks released with alternative artwork. Just click an image to stream on Spotify!

Nitroride The House On Haight Street (Sonic Mix) Lockdown In Tinseltown
Nomad Altamira Moon Saturn-by-the-Sea
Jenny Lighthouse (Fire Island Girl) Green-Eyed Gypsy Girl In Search of Devil Island
Midnight In Cincinnati Circus Waltz Moon Siren
Streets of the Sacred Heart The River The Righteous (Apache Mix)
We Are Hong Kong Night Flight From Electro City Incident On Cyprus Boulevard
Rachel Says Once Upon A London Moon Red is the heart of the Rose
The Street Where Tammy Lives King Sol and the Merwoman Dawn Cab to Mornington Crescent
Axe Over Frisco Andromeda Train Sunshine Super Car
West Coast Raza, Robot Queen Space Tribe
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