New website, novel, and radio play!

New website, novel, and radio play!

Welcome to my new website, which was designed by the team at 9.55 Creative Web Design and Marketing (thanks for your hard work guys!).

'Celeste and the Witch Garden', my new children's/young adult sci-if/fantasy novel was published in paperback and on Kindle in February 2023 by Burton Mayers Books. The novel is available from Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles, and all good book shops. A signed copy is also available to buy from my website. Some Waterstones branches are already stocking it in-store, which is very encouraging.

In 2022, I had four of my my compositions played on BBC Radio Suffolk - the jazz-tinged 'Dawn Cab to Mornington Crescent', the infectious, rock-influenced 'Oracle of the Wildwood', my take on a cinematic Wild West theme 'The Righteous', and lastly, but not least, the heavy rock jam 'The House On Haight Street (Sonic Mix). Through BBC local radio, I've had one or two tracks listened to by Radio 1. Having something played on national radio would be a dream come true, so let's see what happens in 2023.

Update: In April 2023 I had my composition, 'Sweet Mountain Jam' played on BBC Radio Suffolk - not a bad start to the year!

Look out for some amazing new singles and albums in the very near future!

Track of the month: Vox 23 (SW9 Mix)

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