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electronic, ambient, experimental, worldent
new age, acoustic, chillout, rockent

smooth, spaced out jazz

new age folk

jazz rock/fusion


free downloads on selected tracks

online pop art and music downloads

concept albums

space rock and tribal

cool vibes! awesome grooves!

raza in all her glory

moon siren

sunshine super car


island of the alchemist

retro electro

cinematic/contemporary film noir soundtracks

drive-in with cindy - incidental film themes

available for collaboration, film and TV work


artwork and covers by Toby French

mystical and exotic

all music © copyright Jude Gwynaire/LightShip Music


Slate Bird Studios


Incorporating Slate Bird Studios and LightShip Music
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All music © Jude Gwynaire/LightShip Music



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Below is a small selection of album tracks released with alternative artwork. Just click an image to buy from CD Baby!

New York Ghosts Live At The Swordfish Daughters of the Phoenix
The Righteous Altamira Moon Saturn-by-the-Sea
Jenny Lighthouse (Fire Island Girl) Warriors of the Rainbow In Search of Devil Island
Lovers On Sunset Strip Circus Waltz Moon Siren
Streets of the Sacred Heart The River Temple of the Four Tigers
We Are Hong Kong Night Flight From Electro City Sutra Head
Rachel Says Once Upon A London Moon Inanna Queen of Heaven
UZone-25 King Sol and the Merwoman Geisha Agent: Ginger Zen
Still Life With Jellies Andromeda Train Passion Fruit Sushi (Salty's Exotic Holiday Dream)
West Coast Don't Ever Love Me Ginger Shores of Naxos
Island of the Alchemist (Rubedo Mix) Axe Over Frisco Encounter With Mimi
The Eighth Tower The Girl From Pacific Palisades Breakfast With Alice
Sirens of Atlantis Pixie Loves Candy Raza, Robot Queen
Captain Salty Takes A Trip - Ocean City Groove Beyond Echo Park The Hanging Gardens of Titan
Off-World Retro Kon-Tiki Star Sunshine Super Car

Paradise Star Inc.

FM Cops (LA Mix)

Dawntreader Bay

Coming soon Coming soon